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Prestashop direct wget download

For those who have ssh access to their Web server and would like to download Prestashop directly rather than first downloading it locally and uploading/FTP’ing to the server, here is the direct download link: Continue Reading

How to resize / extend primary partition in Windows / Server

Most of the times, it’s the C drive on a Windows machine that needs to be extended to create more space than was allocated during initial install. Continue Reading

CentOS Logical Volume Management

An alternative to creating fixed partitions and file systems is to use Logical Volume Management (LVM) to create logical disks made of space from one or more physical disks or partitions. Continue Reading

Adding a new disk to CentOS

For the purpose of this article, assume that /dev/sdb is the new disk that is to be installed.
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How to install GNOME X Window System on CentOS Linux

Login as root or run all of the following commands using “sudo” Continue Reading

Export LinkedIn contacts

Have you ever felt a need to export your LinkedIn contacts? Is there a way to do so? Well, yes you can export all your LinkedIn contacts. Continue Reading

Gmail themes

I use Gmail but mostly through my Outlook and not the web interface. This other day while away from my Outlook, I chanced upon Gmail’s Themes and I was pleasantly surprised!! Continue Reading

How to add Free Shipping attribute in Google Product feed

You have listed your products in Google product feed via the merchant center and want to display shipping information (including Free Shipping where applicable). Continue Reading

Sony DSC-P200 manuals

Complete User guide and Service manuals for Sony DSC-P200. I found them on the internet and providing them as is. Hope these are helpful.
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Hotpoint instruction manual

Hotpoint instruction/User manual in PDF format. Please note that Terms & Conditions in the Instruction manual, that you download, may be out of date and should not be relied upon.
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