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Alfresco login NTLMv2 and Passthru issues

I recently got a new laptop with Windows 7 Professional on it and wanted to connect to a remote Alfresco site that used Passthru authentication. Continue Reading

How to use Public/Private Key Pairs to secure SSH on CentOS

This topic can be quite complex to explain if ones delves deep. This post aims to provide a quick step-by-step guide instead. Continue Reading

Delete Guest carts from Prestashop

Over a period of time, you will find that your PrestaShop installation gathers shopping carts from Guest users or search engines that really don’t convert to orders but take up space in database. Continue Reading

Gmail themes

I use Gmail but mostly through my Outlook and not the web interface. This other day while away from my Outlook, I chanced upon Gmail’s Themes and I was pleasantly surprised!! Continue Reading

How to bulk Unfollow on Twitter using Perl

If you are an active Twitter user and are following huge number of users but would now like to reduce the list, here’s a handy Perl script that allows you to Unfollow users in Bulk. Continue Reading