How to install ImageMagick on CentOS / Redhat

ImageMagick is a simple program for any type of image manipulation on most systems. It can be used for thumbnail generation or captcha generation and so on.

Type the following command as a root user to install imagemagick with perl and php support.

yum install ImageMagick ImageMagick-perl

  • ImageMagick – It is an image display and manipulation tool for the X Window System. ImageMagick can read and write JPEG, TIFF, PNM, GIF, and Photo CD image formats. It can resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image, and when finished you can either save the completed work in the original format or a different one. ImageMagick also includes command line programs for creating animated or transparent .gifs, creating composite images, creating thumbnail images, and more.
  • ImageMagick-perl – Install ImageMagick-perl package if you want to use any perl scripts that use ImageMagick.
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