Setup Bluetooth GPS receiver with Tomtom Navigator on iPAQs

This guide provides help in setting up a Bluetooth GPS receiver and Tomtom Navigator on iPAQs. There is a slight difference from the standard procedure to get the iPAQs working with Tomtom Navigator and a third party Bluetooth GPS receiver like BT77 and BT74R. These steps have been written for the BT77 and BT74R Bluetooth GPS receiver, but should also be helpful for use with other GPS receivers.

Please follow the following steps:

1. Switch on the GPS unit and keep it near a window. After a few moments the RED LED (GREEN LED if you have a BT74R) should start to blink. This means that the GPS unit is connected to the Satellites. If the RED LED does not blink, move the GPS unit into clear sky and see if it start to blink. Once it does, move to the next step .

2. Pair the GPS unit with the iPAQ via Bluetooth Manager and then add the GPS unit as a paired device via Bluetooth Settings screen. Uncheck the option for “Authentication required” in SPP (Serial Port settings)

3. Go to the GPS Status -> Configure screen in Tomtom and choose “Other Cable NMEA” as your GPS hardware. Set the baud rate to 9600. Choose COM 8 (usually second last on the screen). Full setup instructions are available at

4. If you are using the new Windows Mobile 5 operating system, please see the webpage at

This should get you going.

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