Microsoft Excel – How to switch between absolute & relative cell references

Click in the cell containing the formula so that your cursor is in the cell reference that you would like to change to Absolute.Известные изобретатели. Часть первая

Press F4. Excel automatically puts in the dollar signs for you.

In other words, if you copy the relative formula “=A20” to cell B20, Excel updates the reference to reflect the move one column to the right and enters the formula “=B20”.

Copy the formula in cell A1 to A2, and excel updates the row reference to “=A2”.

Now try to copy an absolute formula say “=$A$10” to cell B20 or A20. The copied formula/reference remains the same i.e. “=$A$10”.

When entering formulas, you can specify an absolute row or column by manually typing the $ sign but pressing F4 allows excel to do the job for you.

The follwoing example explains the cycle of different variations that are possible.

– Open Microsoft Excel and enter “=A5” in cell B5 and press
– Go to cell B5 and press to enter edit mode
– Press F4 repeatedly to cycle through the possibilities on absolute cell references


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