Cyberhome CH-DVD400 region code

Read on to find out how to make your Cyberhome CH-DVD400 region Free. Please note that this information is only provided in the hope that it may be helpful to you. We will not be responsible in for any loss or damages as a result of trying these instructions on any DVD player.

1. Turn on the TV and DVD player
2. Press “open” on remote, then press “setup”, main menu will appear.
3. Press 1,3,6,9 on remote, nothing will happen yet. Press left arrow on remote 3 times, then press right arrow one time. A new option “version” will appear. Press enter, go to region code and use the arrow keys to highlight the code number then use up and down keys to change to region 0 for multi region.
4. Exit menus and you are done!! This works on CH-DVD402 as well.

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